Digital Strategy

Full-Funnel Approach

  • 1. Generate brand awareness in geographic and demographic opportunities using video and/or display advertising and social media.

  • 2. Generate consideration and purchase intent by retargeting website visitors and users who have engaged in our content.

  • 3. Generate lead conversions through paid search on Google and lead ad generation objective on Facebook.

Digital Strategy

High-Mid-funnel: Traffic Campaign

Video Distribution

  • Serve video ads through Google’s YouTube, Verizon Media, prioritizing delivery to high-value sites (ex.,,,,, Yahoo! Sports, Aol/Ymail interface)

Video Production

  • GearIt has the partnerships and capability to create top-notch video marketing creatives and campaigns

Social Video Advertising

High-Mid-funnel: Traffic Campaign

  • Focused on delivering video creatives to target audiences


  • Website traffic/ landing page views (LPV's)

  • Build pixel audiences to re-target with Lead ads

Social Lead Advertising

Lower-Funnel: Retargeting / Conversions (Leads)

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel:

  • Actions to retarget: website visitors, custom content viewers, video viewers

Custom Audience Targeting:

  • Build audiences with data exports of current and past customers

  • Segment lists based on types of purchases and customer lifetime value (LTV)

Paid Search (Google)

Focus on conversions! Target people looking for vehicles right now!

  • 01  | Market Research

  • 02  | Competitor Analysis

  • 03  | Keywords analysis and selection

  • 05  | Ad creation

  • 06  | Identify geo-targets

  • 07  | Daily Optimization


At GearIt, we report on metrics that matter to you.  Clicks and impressions are important, but they don’t mean much if our efforts aren’t increasing your SALES. We’ll work with your team to ensure all tracking pixels are in-place so that we’re able to report a true Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).